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While stucco is an extremely durable surface, it will require painting periodically. We are the experienced professional stucco painting company in Edmonton.


Stucco Painting In Edmonton

Selecting stucco for your Edmonton house is a sound choice. Stucco residences stand apart. When you’re checking out the neighbourhood or shopping for a brand-new house, you will notice these residences or businesses. with their smooth walls and refined shades. As one of the oldest structured products around, stucco gets plenty of focus.


Stucco is a wall surface covering like plaster. Actually “plaster siding” is an additional name for stucco. It is frequently used to cover framework construction on your home exterior. Yet you will sometimes see stucco finishes for interior wall surfaces, also.

For exterior wall stucco, the traditional application includes approximately 4 layers. The dashboard (base) coat, scratch layer, brown coat, as well as finish coat, although more recent methods need only 1 or 2 layers.

What Is Stucco Made From?

Each coat contains the same materials:

  • Fiber, for greater strength
  • Polymers, for increased flexibility.
  • Portland cement
  • Water
  • Hydrated lime
  • Fine builder’s sand

Yet, the amount of each active ingredient varies with the sort of coat. Mineral oxide pigment goes into to the finish coat, for coloured stucco houses. Synthetic stucco is also offered. But some home renovation experts state this product causes elevated moisture problems.

Interior stucco finishes come as special premeasured, powdered blends. You add water and also spray the mixture on.

What Are The Stucco Advantages

  • Resilience. Stucco is resistant to fire, rot, mold and mildew, impact, as well as termite problem. The coating on stucco houses can last approximately 100 years.
  • Sustainability. The components for stucco surfaces come from local, lasting sources.
  • Sound resistance. Stucco house siding barriers audio coming from outdoors your home. This is a significant advantage if you live near a hectic road, airport terminal or railway.
  • Color retention. The long-lasting pigment blended into stucco coatings eliminates the need to paint your home every couple of years. That benefit alone makes it worth the investment.
  • Textures. Stuccos finishes are made up of different textures to provide your house a distinct, seamless appearance.

Removing Stucco Painting in Edmonton From A Surface

To eliminate paint from stucco, you have to sandblast it off. Then a brand-new layer of stucco gets added to the surface.

Stucco Painting In Edmonton Maintenance

Stucco will need some maintenance to keep it in good shape. This is quite simple and is easily tackled as a DIY project. Follow these steps:

  • Regularly inspect stucco.
  • Fill any holes or cracks quickly, so they don’t get worse and cause more problems down the line.
  • Although you may clean stucco homes with water, avoid pressure washing as it may cause damage.

Edmonton House Painting is proud to do stucco painting in Edmonton in many residential and commercial building structures. This includes some of the newest homes in Edmonton. If you need professional assistance, contact Edmonton House Painting for your next stucco painting project.


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Karen D.

“The interior of our home started to look faded and dated. We had Edmonton House Painting come in and consult us on the newest paint trends as we were also buying new furniture. Our interior is now vibrant and we even had our exterior door painted.”


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